Donate to help Businesses and Nonprofits get more quality search results they deserve.

I would like to take a moment to explain who and what the developer of Trusted Testimonials is all about. Hello, my name is Christopher Ogus, and I am the creator and developer of Trusted Testimonials. I envisioned this idea to help businesses and nonprofits get better search results from quality content submitted by the listing owner themselves, along with their customers/clients, employees, and/or volunteers. I created a testimonial management platform that interacts all available components of a business or nonprofit to display in a user friendly environment. When someone first views your listing they will get quality pictures, videos, and information submitted from the business directly. Your customers/clients, employees, and volunteers are all the interactive components that create a comprehensive, professional listing.

Some of the reasons why I am asking for donations to help run this testimonial management system are...

  1. I fully fund all aspects of this website, domain, hosting, SSL security, components, Google Maps API, and YouTube API, to ensure quality listings and results.
  2. Countless hours in development (6 years+) and time verifying each listing and testimonial.
  3. Future development goals by reinvesting in Trusted Testimonials. I will keep integrating the most advanced security measures, and coding techniques, along with eventually hiring a qualified team of developers to keep adding more features for all users.
  4. All donations will be used to enhance the experience of all users, from the business owner to their shareholders. Please consider that your donation is for the businesses and nonprofits to have the oppurtunity to have more exposure on the internet and social media platforms.

    Thank you,
    Christopher Ogus